Crossing borders in 5 easy steps, Colombia to Ecuador.

Posted: November 19, 2017 by bernardbarbour in Expedition/Travel
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Hola, Friends! We crossed our first land border in South America yesterday. As many of you know from our past postings about our experience with border crossings, it’s not a fond memory. However, practice makes perfect. So in order to ease our stress level crossing borders, we’ve come up with five easy steps to make your overlanding border crossing more tolerable.

Yesterday crossing from Colombia to Ecuador was really easy. The first thing we noticed was the lack of helpers. Helpers are people who will guide you through the border crossing steps, sometime they take all your documents and get everything stamped and approved while you wait for a fee. We also saw a lot of money exchangers. Money exchangers do what the title indicates. They exchange currencies for a fee, because normally there are no banks at many border crossings. Usually you get just enough money exchanged to get you into the new country.

So lets follow the steps:

  1. Have original docs and extra copies, a minimum of 3 each: Title, registration, exit stamp from the country you are leaving, drivers license.
  2. Read others blog experience of the border crossing you’re about to cross. A good resource is ioverland.
  3. Get there early, before 10 am.
  4. Anyone of the agents that speak english, get as much information as possible on the location of the various offices.
  5. Have patience, smile, laugh and enjoy the experience.

Our entry into Ecuador from Colombia went relatively smooth and non eventful. After clearing the Colombian border, we rolled up to the Ecuadorian border just across a bridge.  First, we went to get ourselves stamped in. Afterwards it was pretty straight forward going to get the temporary vehicle import docs. Ecuador was pretty easy. Taking a photocopy with his (customs officer) cell phone, then uploading all the info into a file in his computer , we were done in 15 minutes each. No vehicle inspection! All in all an easy border crossing. Ecuador to Peru will be coming soon. Stay tuned.

  1. Somer Moran says:

    Thanks so much for this helpful info. Which of the borders so far has taken the longest or was the hardest?

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