A win for Panama, almost a loss for us!

Posted: November 2, 2017 by bernardbarbour in Expedition/Travel
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By Scottt Woodhams

Photos by Bernard Barbour


How serious are Central American countries about futbol (soccer)? Let me tell you!
Last night Panama won their game, so at midnight, the President declared a national holiday today.
That’s all fine and great, but that means everything closes, including the shipping ports! Guess what we were supposed to do today? Last day to load our vehicles on the ship.
We received a message when we got up this morning that we would have to load tomorrow morning. But, our flight leaves from Panama City at 10 am. Not enough time to do everything and drive back to the airport by then!
As you can imagine this threw a tailspin in our plans, as we had hotel, flights, and our air bnb all booked and paid for. Nothing is refundable at the 12th hour, despite our situation.

We decided to go to the port anyway. We found that there were only skeleton crews. Nobody wanted to do much though, with it being a holiday. We finally sought out the “Hefe” (the customs boss).

After the small group of us Overlanders, some from Germany, Uruguay, USA and Spain,got together, the boss took us as a group to process everything by hand!
It took about 3 hours, but we finally got our final inspection, paperwork, and stamps!
It was a little daunting seeing our vehicles being driven off without us, to be boarded on the ship!
Now you know, futbol is serious business! At least Panama qualified for the World Cup!!


See you in Colombia South America!


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