The Panama Canal. Ships go in and ships come out!

I remember learning about the Panama Canal when I was in Elementary school. “Bernard” my teacher would yell I as buried my head deep in my history book. “Yes ma’am” I’d snap back out of my adventure fantasy of being there when the Canal was constructed. I’d see myself hacking away through the jungle, slowly with a troop of many finding our way from sea to sea.

As we stand here today watching huge ships of types sizes and from all over the world transcend the Canal, frankly, I’m still amazed.

But, of course there’s more to see than the Canal. So afterwards, we spent the rest of the day sightseeing, souvenir shopping and just taking it all in. Enjoy the pics.

Published by bernardbarbour

Expedition leader, writer and photographer @Tales of the Pan American Highway. Currently on the road to Ushuaia Argentina. Follow me , 4x4 overlanding. #overlandsouthamerica #overlandcentralamerica

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