Viva Panama

A euphoric feeling overwhelmed us as we crossed the border into Panama, our last Central American country. After going through the usual and customary process of getting stamped out of Costa Rica and into Panama we felt a calm and relaxing feeling come over us.

Costa Rica was amazing and we began to think how much more could Panama bring. Scott wrote this story I’d like to share with you about our experience in Panama so far, meanwhile I’ve posted a few pics. Enjoy and thanks for following, More photos and updates coming soon.

by Scott Woodhams @ Life all Out


We are so completely enamored and humbled by the people and experiences we get to enjoy along this amazing trip!

Last night was no exception. We found a beautiful property in Panama, that is situated along side a river that spills into the Pacific Ocean. We met the owners of the property, who also run a quaint restaurant that serves gourmet food. The chef has had countless write ups about his culinary skills, and the open air restaurant is visited by many exclusive clients, including the President of Panama.
We had the privilege of enjoying an absolutely amazing meal, with so many fresh, and new ingredients. The flavors culminated exquisitely, on out pallets, to make our taste buds leap with joy!

My favorite was the Ackie, a Jamaican bean/nut style garnishment, on the fresh salad. A-mazing!

After dinner, one of the owners, and souix chef, offered to serenade us. We were absolutely stunned to learn that he is native Panamanian, and is self taught. He has performed for the President and many other dignitaries. He has invitations to take the lead in a production featuring a famous symphony, who invited him in person. His style and range is amazing. Although the songs are in Spanish, we could feel the emotion of each word.

By the end of the evening, he had sang a personal performance exclusively for the four of us, as we ate like Kings (and queens), while the rain poured down outside, adding to the quaintness of our evening.

We learned so much about the Panamanian culture, and had local jokes translated by Roberto.

This remarkable evening came to an end, with us feeling so much closer to and understanding the local culture. People everywhere are so amazing! I’m so thankful, we get to meet, talk, and form our own opinion of other countries, rather than having some slanted, ulterior motive driven media provide it to us. Viva Panama!


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