Clubhouse Guatemala

by Tammy & Bernard Barbour


Sharing, serving and growing. Clubhouse Guatemala is a Christ centered ministry that desires to reach the lost of Guatemala. Clubhouse was Founded in 2008 by Mike and Carla Parker. The Parker’s desire was to go into villages and reach children and adults through block parties, clothes, face paint, cotton candy, vacation bible school, and many other creative ways to show the love of Christ. Today Clubhouse is part of Clubhouse Ministries Inc., which is a registered 501C3 Non-profit that is making a difference not only in Guatemala but also in the United States. Clubhouse assists with discipleship, education, provides aide for many physical needs including medical and dental, homes, stoves, water filters, school supplies, and much more. Clubhouse is still focused on providing the physical needs, to earn the right to share the Spiritual need.

Our experience started with meeting Lori and Timothy Sunday, Worship Directors and team coordinators as well as a group of wonderful young people and their team leader Helen from High Level Alberta Canada.


Not knowing what to expect, we told Lori and Tim to use us as needed. ” We came to work” we said.  Angela and Scott Woodhams our travel partners with Life all out  who had been here before and also sponsor a child told us ” Be careful what you wish for. ” they said laughingly.  A day after our arrival we awoke early the next morning heading out to a small rural village, San Miguel Milpas Altas, one of the many small villages that Clubhouse Guatemala provides assistance to. Overlooking Antigua with a spectacular view volcanos all around, we were in awe of such profound beauty.

Lori and Tim told us we would have the opportunity to help with building a bathroom for a single mom with three kids or building a home from scratch. Later that afternoon we would have vacation bible school, serve meals, worship, play sports and do crafts and with over 50 kids from the town.


Taking a ride further up the mountain from a small church, we all piled on the “Clubhouse Guatemala Shuttle” and rode another almost a mile further up the mountain.  There, we got off the truck, walked some more to a tiny home shared by a mother and her three kids. We spent all of the morning hours, mixing concrete, assembling rebar ladders, forming metal clamps, and cutting metal. Afterwards we took a much needed break back at the church with a quick lunch. Shortly thereafter the kids came in from school.

Feeding the kids, starting with the youngest first, was an epic task. Reminding me of my Army days, we had to take a systematic approach to make sure everyone was fed, then playtime ensued. Before Scott and I knew it, we had kids on our backs, swinging them around and playing “El Toro” chasing them. Meanwhile Angela and Tammy sat and talked with some of the quieter girls and took pictures, little models in the making. Next was time spent making crafts, worshiping with song and praise, and lastly soccer and games in the gym.


Then it was time to say goodbye, “Hasta Mañana!” we shouted to all the kids. Having the first day under our belts, we were exhausted but yet fulfilled, grateful and humbled by this experience. We were looking forward to another day tomorrow and the days to come as we spend our time here near Antigua.

If you truly want to make a difference to the poorest, please check out Clubhouse Guatemala. You KNOW your money is actually going to the poor and not to administration or fees etc. We have seen this place in action with our own eyes, and we are in awe and humbled. This organization is based in East TN which makes us proud.  You can sponsor a child for a small monthly fee, and they will get nutritious meals throughout the month. These loving children will melt your heart. We hope you will consider this organization for your charitable giving. If you have any questions, please message one of us, and one will get you in touch with the right people. Please click on the blue link to go to their page. There is a donate button on that page. Thank you.



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