Horsing around in Ixpampajul

After driving thru a severe storm since the border crossing with Belize, we finally made it to Ixpampajul. Setting up camp was a muddy soggy experience. I actually had to put the truck in four wheel drive, because the ground was so soft or risk getting stuck. Finally done, we went for a quick walk to check out the grounds. “Beautiful” Tammy exclaimed, as we strolled though the park quietly with wild horses watching our every move. “Lets get low” I told Tammy. We squated as too make ourselves less of a threat, hoping the wild horses would come near us. As they approached,  slowly I pulled out the camera to take a picture. Hoping the flash would not scare them away, I fired. Surprisingly they just stared on.



Having had that little night adventure, we retired to bed.

Early, and I do mean early, just before the sun came up, we heard the sounds of Howler Monkeys off in the distance. We had bought a few bananas as bait, hoping to lure them near the truck and get pictures. But no chance, as they seemed to keep their distance. Having a breakfast bar and a lot of water to drink we though we’d take a quick hike around the park. That turned out to be adventure we had not expected. On the park map showed a trail, it said “not to strenuous”. Two hours later “What were we thinking?” Angela blurted out! We were all thinking the same thing about then as we had climbed several hundred feet in elevation and crossed several huge swinging bridges high about the jungle floor. Finally we reached the top and where treated to a wonderful view, in which we could clearly see Flores far off in the distance. After a bit of relaxing at a refugio camp, we headed back down.



Time to take an early morning nap for me. Meanwhile, Tammy took a shower. Later, she woke me from my slumber “Angela and Scott are ready” she reported. Slowly I pulled myself together. Looking at the clock it was only 10:30 am. Thinking about my Army days “We get more done before 9 am” I chuckled to myself. Packed and ready to roll, we pulled out and headed toward Flores for groceries, the ATM and our favorite, McDonalds. Why McDonalds you ask? For the Wifi of course. Thanks for following, sharing and liking our page. More adventures to follow, we assure you.


Published by bernardbarbour

Expedition leader, writer and photographer @Tales of the Pan American Highway. Currently on the road to Ushuaia Argentina. Follow me , 4x4 overlanding. #overlandsouthamerica #overlandcentralamerica

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