Hello’s and goodbye’s, and heading to the border.

Posted: June 27, 2017 by bernardbarbour in Expedition/Travel

Lafayette’s Louisiana famous Chef Bourque welcomes us! 

As we made our way south towards the Mexican border, there are several stops that are a must. Family, friends and then visiting with Shirley and Ted Bourque (Chef Bourque) in Lafayette, Louisiana is it’s own special treat.

Cajun gumbo,  ribs, chicken, crawfish and much more, was just a few of the many cultural meals we feasted on. “I really think we got so full, we won’t have to eat until we get into Mexico. “said Tammy. We all had a big laugh and kept on eating. Always a good time for us and we greatly appreciated the opportunity to have a meal with them and other friends and family as well .

After leaving Clarksville and prior to visiting with the Bourque’s, we made stops in Knoxville TN, Charlotte NC, and Pensacola FL. We’d like to thank everyone for their great hospitality and well wishes for success on our trip.

Claudell Harvey,  our daughter Brittney Barbour & DJ Wright, our daughter Santia and her family, Shirley & Chef Bourque. We miss you all already.


  1. chefbourque says:

    It was a pleasure having two good friends stop in and visit us on their long journey. I’m glad you guys enjoyed the meals I cooked for you. Shirley and I welcome your visits anytime you are in the area. Stay safe on your journey my friends.

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