A hearty welcome at the King’s Children Home Orphanage

Posted: March 21, 2016 by bernardbarbour in Expedition/Travel
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A hearty welcome at the King’s Children Home Orphanage
by Scott Woodhams

This week, we spent the afternoon at the children’s home in Belize. We were able to get 90 % of the list they had provided, that they were in need of. Thanks to all who contributed to the purchase! Ms. Leoni, the children, and her brother were very grateful for the food and other items.

It was such a blessing to be able to meet and talk with the children. I, of course, became the amusement park ride for the smaller children, providing piggy back rides around the facility. News traveled fast, and soon other friends came for their ride too!

We got the grand tour of the farm that they have recently began building. Complete with 5 cows, 1 bull, and 3 newborn calves. This provides the needed milk for the children, along with beef in the future. One of the older boys, George, who recently lost his mother, came to live at the home. He has found a new passion taking care of all of the animals, some 125 laying hens, several sheep, 9 cows, and a couple dozen chickens for eating. He has named each one of the cows, and they come to the sound of his voice. Very valuable experience, and I’m sure consolation in his own situation. Ms. Leoni said George would sleep out in the pasture and chicken coops with the animals, if they would let him. He truly loves what he does.
He told stories as we walked, I with another tag along on my back, of the garden they started, only to have the cows get in and wreak havoc, with the freshly grown greens! They plan to re plant soon.

Currently with 74 children in the home, vegetables are a necessity.
Moses, was a young boy of about 3 that stayed by my side, messing up my sweaty hair with his hands, making it stick up everywhere. It was 94 degrees and humid, so the extra body heat and sun caused excessive sweating! He reluctantly gave up his spot on my shoulders for his friend Emerson, a 5 year old.

On the back side of the property, there were 1 or 2 youth mission teams pouring concrete (by hand), for the foundation of the new on site church building. Although you could tell the youth were struggling with the heat, rolled up sleeves, and ghostly white skin from lack of previous sunshine, they were working hard and smiling.

It is fulfilling to see so many people willing to help these children in need. My wife and I’s heart is to provide food and housing for every child in need, throughout the world! Even though this seems almost unobtainable, God doesn’t place a desire this big in your heart without his provision. So we will continue to go as we are called!

Do you have a dream so big that it would seem ridiculous to those around you? So big that it doesn’t seem realistic? Don’t be afraid to follow your heart and dream big! God has placed a calling on everyone of our lives. We are all a different piece of the puzzle. Each piece is as important as the others, to accomplish His plan.

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  1. This is truly a place to think about when making a donation check to help the children. Scott and Angie are doing the work of the Lord for sure. They are making it better on the farm for the kids my friends.

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