Can you get a decent cup of coffee in Belize?

by  Scott Woodhams

My resounding answer is, Yes! We set out in search of a good cup of java, and we’re pleased to find at the end of a pothole ridden dirt road in Southern Belize, a beautiful resort called Belcampo. Here they offer cappuccino, mocha, medium roast, frappuccino, and good old black coffee. We found that while currently the resort is drying and roasting Guatemalan beans,  trees have been planted, and they anticipate their own beans to be available within 1 – 1/2 years. The staff was excellent, attentive, and informative educated us on the science and mathematics behind making their coffees consistent every time. Everything from how to correctly steam the milk (not too hot), to the exact weight and compression of the ground beans. Let me tell you it really paid off. The coffee was fresh, flavorful, and delicious! The aroma alone heightened our senses anticipating, as each cup was individually prepared and served. Once served, we enjoyed the spectacular views right from the dining room and deck, while wandering and sipping our brews. The many species of birds could be heard and seen, as if we were in our own personal sanctuary. Off in the distance, glimpses of the Caribbean Sea could be seen glistening through the tree tops. If you are ever down near Punta Gorda, I recommend you give them a try, even if only for your own cup of bliss!

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