It’s a Jungle out there!

How many times have you heard the phrase? Well if you’re planning a vacation to Belize, keep that in mind. “ We have Crocodiles, Manatees, and Dolphins in the Lagoon, Jaguars prowl in the night just a few short miles away, and it’s not unusual to spot many native animals, birds and insects right here at the Swan Villas” says owner Rodolfo Saenz de Ugarte.

Swan Villas, with its beautiful organic and permaculture design, was purposely built to blend in harmonious in this idyllic jungle setting on Maya Beach. “Visitors need to be aware of their surroundings here. It’s far from dangerous or anything like that!” says Rodolfo.” But just be mindful during your stay, that you’re experiencing living in a luxurious Villa in a jungle setting.”

For some visitors this is exactly what they want, to experience a true authentic Belizean adventure. Visiting the Caye’s just off the coast, or the Mayan and Garifuna villages nearby, as well as ruins and caves, are all but a few of the authentic experiences one can have right here from Swan Villas.

Looking for a sanitized, scrubbed and predictable vacation, you’ll probably want to consider another country altogether. Throughout Belize no matter where you go and the level of accommodations, you can expect some unpredictableness. Change of plans due to weather, a short spell with no wifi, impassable roads, power outages, it’s all a part of the makeup of Belize.

So be prepared and pre-warned it’s a jungle out there, and for some that’s just half the fun. So pack your bags, grab your passport and be ready for adventure. Have an open mind and a willing attitude and you’ll love it. “ There’s no Starbucks, McDonald’s or Walmart here.” says Rodolfo smilingly. “Expect and accept some challenges and changes and you’ll be just fine.” Hey, you can’t have a great vacation without an adventurous story can you, and Swan Villas is just the place to start.

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