It’s been a grueling six months, but new adventures are in the works.

First I’d like to thank everyone for their kind words since our return back to the USA, and those follow up questions, emails, text and phone calls about our next adventure. Before I begin to tell you about our next adventure, I want to bring everyone up to speed on what we’ve been up to since our return from Central America. First off, we have still been traveling, but to other fun filled vacation spots such as Waikiki Hawaii, Rome Italy, London England and Montreal Canada. We also sold our beloved “Rocky” the Land Rover, bought a Toyota Tundra and a 5th Wheel Camper, moved from Augusta, Ga., to St. Peterburg Florida and are now working on plans for our next year trip (September 2016) all the way back through Central America, and down through South America via the Panamerican Highway.

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We’ve also welcomed in some new family members. Eli our nephew, and Kashmir our granddaughter. We’ve attended some graduations and visited long time friends that we’ve not seen for over 20 years. Life has been grand. So if you’re missing us, and we are missing you all our loyal fans, rest assured that all is well, and we’ll be picking up the slack in a big way here soon. So what is the plan? Next year September 2016 we’ll be pulling up the stakes again and taking about eight months to a year to head all the way down the bottom of the Panamerican Highway ( Ushuaia ). We also need your help if you have any suggestions for out of the way and off the beaten path destinations for our journey. Plus we’re going to be changing the name of the blog/company to reflect our Central and South American journey. So if you all have any suggested names, we’d welcome your input. Now stay tuned as we get back to regularly updating our blog as we prepare. Cheers!

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Expedition leader, writer and photographer @Tales of the Pan American Highway. Currently on the road to Ushuaia Argentina. Follow me , 4x4 overlanding. #overlandsouthamerica #overlandcentralamerica

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