Candelaria Caves, the entrance to the underworld.

Posted: October 29, 2014 by Central America Overland Expeditions in Expedition/Travel
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The Candelaria caves is a large natural cave system in the municipalities of Chisec and  Raxruha in Guatemala.  This impressive cave system is sacred to the Q’eqchi Maya, and stretches continuously for some 29km (18 miles). The main gallery, Tzul Tacca, is almost 60m (200 ft.) high, 30m (100 ft.) wide, and 200m (650 ft.) long, and features massive stalagmites and roof windows that let in light. Side galleries hold evidence of ancient Maya rituals, and the entire system is traversed by the Candelaria River.

We floated through the caves on inner tubes. Oh what fun! It’s quite a challenge to calm yourself, let go and relax. At times when you hear the sound of rushing water in complete darkness, you are overcome with fear, but our trusted guides got us through. It took us almost 2 hours from hiking to the entrance, traversing the cave via inner tube and exiting. Would we do it again and recommend it ? Absolutely! Be sure to check  out our Facebook page and YouTube channel for our video of this amazing adventure.

Yes, there were Bats flying over us!

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