Land Rover Club El Salvador. Land Rover camaraderie knows no borders.

Posted: October 26, 2014 by Central America Overland Expeditions in Expedition/Travel
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Land Rover Club El Salvador

Land Rovers owners are a special breed. I know of no other marquee where complete strangers will wave at each other when passing in traffic, or will stop to talk or help a driver of the same brand. When parking at a supermarket we’ll search for other Land Rovers and park next to them. Often I’ll take pictures, and look at the license plate to see where it’s from. Many times you can usually tell a lot about a Land Rover owner and sometimes you can’t. I’ve seen brand new Land Rovers, then meet the owner to only find out they have two or three more old Land Rovers parked at home. Our enthusiasm for the brand runs deep. Many times when we meet, we make lifelong friends, because of our Land Rover passion. Our vehicles may be 2 years old or 40 years old but we all share the same passion that Land Rovers bring, freedom and adventure. It’s a love affair others don’t quite understand.

Since we began travelling in Central America, we’ve spied and covet many Land Rovers and have often stopped to talk to other owners, seek out Land Rover clubs and dealers. Belize, Guatemala, and El Salvador have not disappointed us. We found only a few gems in Nicaragua. But our most memorial experience has been meeting Land Rover Club El Salvador. Having a chance meeting with Land Rover Club El Salvador was the highlight of our Trans Central American journey. Having met with them and a few of their members was a treat we’ll never forget. Getting to ride a myriad of models and years was great and we really appreciate the opportunity to share in our passion, camaraderie, and enthusiasm for the brand.

We’d like to thank Jose Mario Gonzalez Granados, president, El Salvador Land Rover Club and his wife Norma,  Andre Houdelot, Miguel Gallegos and his wife Claudia and Walter Padilla .

Our first night in San Salvador we received a call at our hotel. Surprised, as we did not expect anything. It was one of the Land Rover club members Miguel. Not taking no an answer he took us out and toured San Salvador at night. Picking us up from our hotel around 9 pm, we got home well after 11. It was a special trip and surely something we would have not done. But knowing all the great places to visit, a history about the city and its progression, we had an unforgettable time. Monumento al Divino Salvador del Mundo, Iglsia El Roasrio, a statue commemorating a “100-hour Fútbol war” with neighboring Honduras in 1969. I don’t think we missed a thing! Thanks Miguel.

IMAG1633 IMAG1634 IMAG1649


A few nights later we received a call from Andre. He only had short time to show us his series Rover before having to get up to make a flight out of the country the next morning. Despite a serious thunder-storm and in pouring rain, he was kind enough to take us for a ride in his early series Rover. “All of us learned to drive on this car, double clutching all the way” laughed Andre, referring to him and his brothers and sisters. ” This Land Rover has been in our family for over 40 years.” He further added that he and his Dad went to Belize to pick up this unique Land Rover when he was only 10 years old. Thanks Andre for sharing your story with us and taking us for a ride.

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Quickly approaching our departure day from El Salvador, on Sunday before we left we met up with Jose and his wife Norma as well as Walter Padilla, Miguel and his wife. We ventured over to Kreef for brunch lunch and spent some time admiring more Land Rovers in the parking lot. During brunch we talked about the beautiful of El Salvador, how easy it is to get around, the friendly people, its history and future. Of course we were given a list of places to stop to check out on our way back towards Guatemala. Afterwards, we found ourselves convoying over to an ice cream shop to was brunch down. Hey it’s Sunday, that’s what you’re supposed to do right?

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Due to our schedule we were not able to go out and do some 4 wheeling with the club, however for the next trip, we will. “With some planning we will organize a BBQ or a short outing.” said Jose. Trust us we’ll be back and thanks Land Rover Club for your hospitality.


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