Jesus, give me strength to reach the top!

Posted: October 8, 2014 by Central America Overland Expeditions in Expedition/Travel
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One of the first things we noticed when exploring San Juan del Sur, was the giant statue of Jesus that sits high on the hill overlooking the city.

As soon as we saw it, we knew we’d be in for a physical challenge. Can we drive to it, can we walk, oh what do we do? Finally we all decided collectively that we should take the Land Rovers and drive up to it or get as close as we could and then hike the rest. We were running short on time and wanted to pack in as much fun, travel and adventure as we could around San Juan del Sur.

After endless winding roads of hills, and cutting through million dollar home neighborhoods,  we turned a corner and saw the backside of the statute before us. However we still had a way to go. We were now in Pacific Marlin, home to some of the most spectacular real estate and scenery in the San Juan del Sur area.  Then, we were stopped by a security guard that explained to us that we could drive no further and had to hike the rest of the way up. Navigating the steepest stairs ever, we found a sign the explained it was a 2 dollar entrance fee to go in. We were not going to hem or haw as to whether we were going to pay to go in after doing such a big hike, we were willing to pay just to get back on flat ground and take a rest break. After paying the attendant (bring small change) from there it was just a final clamber up another set of steep steps before you reach the statue.

Erected in 2009, Christ of the Mercy has quickly become an iconic landmark and is a geographical reference point for the town. At  24 meters (77.8 feet) in height, it’s one of 10 of the largest Jesus statues in the world. The statue looks out over the beach and entire town of San Juan del Sur. Under the statute was a small church, which additionally had displays about how the statue was constructed. Also it was interesting to note that former President Jimmy Carter visited here in December 2013.

Standing atop this monumental treasure was San Juan del Sur, laid out in front of us. We could see everything. A pedestrian bridge that reminded us of a mini Golden Gate, boats and ships at anchor, the Pacific Marlin with its sharply cut cliffs and million dollar views, it was well worth the effort. Behind us was a series of rugged hills and secluded coves rising and falling into the distance, with additional views of the coastline. I’m sure somewhere out there we were looking into Costa Rica. The view is a full 360 degrees. If you’re ever in San Juan del Sur, this should not be missed. Say your prayers before, during and after the climb!

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