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Don’t rock the boat!

Posted: September 18, 2014 by Central America Overland Expeditions in Expedition/Travel

El capitano insisted that he could get two fully loaded expedition rigs on his boat. We fought long and hard to change his mind but in the end we found ourselves in the belly of the barge skimming across the lagoon close to sinking. the trip was beautiful as we saw lots of birds and other wildlife. What a relief when we finally saw the dock in the distance. We’ll be sure to post a video from this adventure soon, so stay tuned.

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Cafe No Se, Antigua

For our last night in Antigua, we were feeling a little festive and wanted do something a little fun, different, exciting and memorial. We had read several reviews about places to eat, listen to live music and bars that should not be missed. When we read the review about Cafe No Se ( see below ) we knew we had to check it out.


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It has the feel of a Tarantino film, of a border town dive whose regular crowd consists of ex-pats, wanna-be expats, travelers, locals and enough shady characters to make things interesting. Bizarre art and photographs, images of the Virgin of Guadalupe and other eclectic touches cover the walls. Recently listed in the Guinness Book of Third World Records as the “Taj Mahal of Tequila”, Cafe No Se serves over 30 kinds of tequila and mezcal, plus Gallo and Moza beer on tap, in three bars inside a long, shotgun-style building. The bar in front features live music every night around 9 PM, spilling into the other bars and attracting as many Antiguans as it does tourists. In the next room, a gnarled wood bar stretches fifteen feet long and is illuminated with candelabras that cast weird shadows on the unfinished wooden walls. The music is just loud enough that you can hear the lyrics and simultaneously carry on a conversation. Bar food, they call it. But with a twist. No Se’ tacos and quesadillas are based on cochinita pibil, a smoky pork dish from Yucatan. Other tasty selections include tortilla soup, chili, salads and sandwiches. For a quiet meal, you can dine in the back room, where a small garden is illuminated by a skylight.Whether you’re in town to party, study, see the sights or just make trouble, Cafe No Se is the place to kick off a fun night on the town in Antigua.

Well, Cafe No Se certainly stood up to its reputation and then some, and it also spooked my wife out !

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As we prepare to leave Antigua Guatemala for El Salvador, we thought we’d share with you some of our memories. Enjoy and stay tuned.

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So you think your commute is bad?

Posted: September 17, 2014 by Central America Overland Expeditions in Expedition/Travel

Log entry:

07:44 / September 17, 2014.

Somewhere in the jungle.

We’re maintaining a whopping top speed between 3-8 mph and we’ve got serious track to cover to get to our destination. Mud, ruts, river crossings, rickety old log bridges, all in a days drive! Meanwhile, deadly bugs, reptiles, plants and animals are making it interesting every time we step out of the vehicle to guide or winch a vehicle through.

Just another day for us! So when you’re sitting in rush hour, a construction zone or accident traffic, think about us.  Some days we wish a little plain old traffic jam on a paved road would be all we had to deal with. Seriously, it’s a jungle out here.

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“Nim Po’t” Bless you I said as I thought Tammy had sneeze. No you big dummy, “Nim Po’t is the name of the place we’re going shopping today!” she stammered back. Dang, I thought to myself, another day getting dragged around shopping. Since we had been in Antigua I had seen many old Land Rovers and was planning to make my escape spending the day walking about town taking pictures of them and talking to the owners. Well being a sport about it and not wanting to be the first guy ever to get divorced because of a Land Rover obsession, I caved and went with my wife to Nim Po’t. After walking several blocks in the direction of Antigua’s Central park I did spot a few Landys. I thought I was secretly getting a few good pictures when my wife caught me and gave me the evil eye to keep it moving, so not all was lost. But the real surprise ended up being Nim Po’t. Immediately walking into this place, I knew she had found a very special place.

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Nim Po’t, home of the world’s largest retail Maya textile collection, in Antigua, Guatemala. Founded in 1994, this store allows indigenous people to bring in their hand crafted goods to sell or leave on consignment in the store. Nim Po’t features a great selection of different guipiles, costumes, and many more items that are unique to where they originate. It’s like a retail museum showcase for hundreds of indigenous suppliers.

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I was actually starting to like to shop. All of the items in the store and handicraft Maya made. Carpets, clothing, masks, T-shirts, coffee, chocolate, cigars and more, everything you would find at the Central Park or farmers markets was here and then some. I also liked that they had set prices, so this alleviated, haggling, which I’m accustomed to and kind of enjoy. However, some of the prices in Nim Po’t were more for some things and other items were better matched or a bargain. It’s probably a good idea to enter the store with a number in mind about what you should or be willing to pay for the same item on the street. However we left feeling like we got great bargains, and we did. So if you’re in Antigua don’t pass Nim Po’t up. Sorry bout the Land Rover pictures.

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Nim Pot 5a Avenida Norte #29. Antigua, Guatemala 502-7832-2681



Doing our part. Happy Birthday Guatemala !

Posted: September 14, 2014 by Central America Overland Expeditions in Expedition/Travel

Somehow we ended up in Guatemala (Antigua) just in time for its 193rd Birthday. Not knowing what to do, we just stood around taking pictures, eating ice cream and shouting Guate, Guate, Guate !

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Family, a generation of Landy’s

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While we normally like to bring you stories, information, news and reviews, we could not resist indulging you in a few of our treasured finds when it comes to old Landy’s. Enjoy.

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Now this is the best way we could ever imagine seeing Belize’s Cayes. Just think about it. A sailing expedition in which you get to participate in all sorts of water activities while exploring all of its unique islands on board a large catamaran.

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This 82′ sailing catamaran Amazing Enterprise, offers sailing, diving, fishing, snorkeling and more. The 14-passenger sailing catamaran is an adventure yacht designed for exotic ocean excursions. Each cabin features a private head and shower. There is no air conditioner onboard, but the yacht’s design provides fresh air in all cabins all the time. Check out their website and book your cruise soon.

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+52998 884-4476 | Skype: |


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De Barcelona Restaurant in Belize City, Belize

With no reservations and no expectations, we were blown away by the excellent service, the delicious food and the cozy ambiance we found at De Barcelona Restaurant. Honestly and without hesitation we can assure you that De Barcelona Restaurant in Belize City is by far the best place dining experience we’ve had in all of Belize. Close to Villa Boscardi, you’ll find De Barcelona on Buttonwood Bay Blvd. Arguably, it’s not just the food, but the entire experience that’ll melt your heart away. We’ll also add that meeting their polite and funny four boys was a fun chance encounter, as they were just coming home just and we were greeted with smiles and laughter.

Angela and Julio, expats from Barcelona Spain, have created a restaurant that uses European flavor and ambience. The live music sang by Angela and the authentic Spanish dishes cooked by Julio all seemed to work harmoniously to create an experience that you’ll only find in the best 5 star restaurants worldwide. Although we did not get to experience hearing Angela sing, we could tell speaking with her she has an incredible voice. Live Music with Spanish and Cuban songs are performed on Tuesday and Thursday nights.

As the name suggests Catalan and Spanish cuisine is their specialty. Tapas, Red Tuna Maresme style, Café Paris Tenderloin were just a few of the dishes we sampled and each one prepared by Julio was mouth-watering and delicious. The lobster balls and fried eggplant sticks were heavenly.

 “Supremo! Maravilloso! Fantastico!” We said, after tasting dish after dish. From the Sangria, cocktails and to the fresh squeezed orange juice, every meal and drink with its creative twist was wonderful.

We found Angela and Julio to be wonderful hosts. If you’re looking to spend a romantic evening or a special occasion, De Barcelona should be at the top of your list. They offer the best Catalan and Spanish cuisine. You can enjoy Paella, Red Tuna or beef tenderloin, amazing tapas, live music and Sangria.

  • Belize City, Belize


Mon – Sat  5:00pm – 10:00pm
Phone 666-4680
Takes Reservations
Walk-Ins Welcome
Good For Groups
Good For Kids
Take Out
Waiter Service
Outdoor Seating
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