The dark side of San Salvador.

Posted: September 24, 2014 by Central America Overland Expeditions in Expedition/Travel

Night moves

by Scott Woodhams

We were treated to a late night tour of the capital city of San Salvador last night, by one of the local Land Rover club members. It was very interesting and eerie at the same time. We drove through the toughest intercity areas in a nice Defender 110 diesel. These are not even available in the States. We drove into areas that we didn’t know existed, nor would we have went their on our own. Our friend, Miguel was a wealth of knowledge and really entertaining. Some of the pictures were not great due to being at night, but hopefully you can see the beauty of some of the architecture and the contrast of some of he areas we visited in the last few days.

003 009 010 013 028

1969204_10204027187332631_5918529700753952457_n 10516585_10204027183292530_8082967419895271938_n 10612611_10204027185972597_3359508563856198013_n 10626830_10204027186492610_2086821630941643538_n 10628408_10204027181732491_2904284968033244718_n 10671383_10204027184412558_2795187970541521774_n 10686851_10204027181052474_1760867378492220678_n 10712956_10204027184172552_2409803552642488645_n


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