Cafe No Se, Antigua

For our last night in Antigua, we were feeling a little festive and wanted do something a little fun, different, exciting and memorial. We had read several reviews about places to eat, listen to live music and bars that should not be missed. When we read the review about Cafe No Se ( see below ) we knew we had to check it out.


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It has the feel of a Tarantino film, of a border town dive whose regular crowd consists of ex-pats, wanna-be expats, travelers, locals and enough shady characters to make things interesting. Bizarre art and photographs, images of the Virgin of Guadalupe and other eclectic touches cover the walls. Recently listed in the Guinness Book of Third World Records as the “Taj Mahal of Tequila”, Cafe No Se serves over 30 kinds of tequila and mezcal, plus Gallo and Moza beer on tap, in three bars inside a long, shotgun-style building. The bar in front features live music every night around 9 PM, spilling into the other bars and attracting as many Antiguans as it does tourists. In the next room, a gnarled wood bar stretches fifteen feet long and is illuminated with candelabras that cast weird shadows on the unfinished wooden walls. The music is just loud enough that you can hear the lyrics and simultaneously carry on a conversation. Bar food, they call it. But with a twist. No Se’ tacos and quesadillas are based on cochinita pibil, a smoky pork dish from Yucatan. Other tasty selections include tortilla soup, chili, salads and sandwiches. For a quiet meal, you can dine in the back room, where a small garden is illuminated by a skylight.Whether you’re in town to party, study, see the sights or just make trouble, Cafe No Se is the place to kick off a fun night on the town in Antigua.

Well, Cafe No Se certainly stood up to its reputation and then some, and it also spooked my wife out !

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