“Nim Po’t” Bless you I said as I thought Tammy had sneeze. No you big dummy, “Nim Po’t is the name of the place we’re going shopping today!” she stammered back. Dang, I thought to myself, another day getting dragged around shopping. Since we had been in Antigua I had seen many old Land Rovers and was planning to make my escape spending the day walking about town taking pictures of them and talking to the owners. Well being a sport about it and not wanting to be the first guy ever to get divorced because of a Land Rover obsession, I caved and went with my wife to Nim Po’t. After walking several blocks in the direction of Antigua’s Central park I did spot a few Landys. I thought I was secretly getting a few good pictures when my wife caught me and gave me the evil eye to keep it moving, so not all was lost. But the real surprise ended up being Nim Po’t. Immediately walking into this place, I knew she had found a very special place.

IMAG1305 IMAG1308 IMAG1309 IMAG1310 IMAG1312 IMAG1314 IMAG1317 IMAG1318 IMAG1319 IMAG1323

Nim Po’t, home of the world’s largest retail Maya textile collection, in Antigua, Guatemala. Founded in 1994, this store allows indigenous people to bring in their hand crafted goods to sell or leave on consignment in the store. Nim Po’t features a great selection of different guipiles, costumes, and many more items that are unique to where they originate. It’s like a retail museum showcase for hundreds of indigenous suppliers.

IMAG1325 IMAG1329 IMAG1331 IMAG1334 IMAG1335 IMAG1337 IMAG1345 IMAG1350

I was actually starting to like to shop. All of the items in the store and handicraft Maya made. Carpets, clothing, masks, T-shirts, coffee, chocolate, cigars and more, everything you would find at the Central Park or farmers markets was here and then some. I also liked that they had set prices, so this alleviated, haggling, which I’m accustomed to and kind of enjoy. However, some of the prices in Nim Po’t were more for some things and other items were better matched or a bargain. It’s probably a good idea to enter the store with a number in mind about what you should or be willing to pay for the same item on the street. However we left feeling like we got great bargains, and we did. So if you’re in Antigua don’t pass Nim Po’t up. Sorry bout the Land Rover pictures.

IMAG1343 IMAG1344 IMAG1365


Nim Pot 5a Avenida Norte #29. Antigua, Guatemala 502-7832-2681




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