A venomous deadly last meal!


031 032 033 034 035 037Oh my, dear followers family if no one hears from us tomorrow, just know we died with full stomachs. We bought a big bag of Lionfish from our local fisherman here on the Peninsula. “It’s deadly, but it’s one of most delicious fish you’ll ever eat,” we were told. ” But we’ve cleaned them and they are ready for the pan” he added.

After trying desperately to eliminate the lionfish, a venomous predator that ravages local reefs and devours other sea creatures, the Belizeans think they have a solution: Serve the darn thing for dinner with some lemon and tartar sauce.

“Anything that removes them out of the water is a good thing.” we were told!

As it stands, the lionfish – able to produce 30,000 eggs in a shot – is proliferating so quickly that it is jeopardizing the populations of other fish, such as snapper, and scouring local reefs, “Lionfish are the biggest threat to ecosystem, in the Caribbean,” he said. “We all know this is a problem, so let’s speed up the process.”

Without any known predators, and apparently no significant diseases or parasitic controls in Atlantic ecosystems, their numbers continue to skyrocket.

We also learned, because the lionfish “is such a good eating fish, light and delicate”, there is now a “Lionfish Cookbook.” Now in its second printing, it includes 45 recipes. Additionally, lionfish contains a low amount of omega fat, making it one of the healthiest fish to eat.

Hopefully we’ll report back by breakfast time in the am. I hope we’re still around to celebrate the 4th of July in Belize, but that’s another story.

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