Antigua, Guatemala! It’s been calling us. The city of eternal spring, in the highlands of Guatemala has been quietly whispering to us. We had no choice but to go. Surrounded by volcanoes, hundreds of cultural things to do and places to eat and shop, we couldn’t resist not going any longer. 029 045 106 107 Exploring Antigua is a joy. Food, getting around and accommodations are very inexpensive. The people are wonderful, friendly and helpful. There are many expats and tourist here and we understand why. As a world heritage designated city, Antigua retains all of its charm as an authentic colonial city.


111 113 120 123 125 I could go on and on, but don’t take my word for it. Antigua is a city that must be put on your bucket list of Central America cities. We’re glad we listened to that little voice in our heads and you should too. Wait, I hear something…… is that Antigua calling you? 140 151 153 157 168 171 179 182


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