We spent a day at the request from a friend to explore Sanctuary Belize. Not something we would normally do, but we took a chance to see what it was all about. As overlanders going to listen to a sales pitch about investing in real estate, developing, building, construction and more is not something we get excited about. However we were convinced that Sanctuary Belize might be something that would change our minds. You see, not only are they developing a huge residential complex, there’s a lot more to it that meets the eye and the sales pitch you read online. You really have to go see Sanctuary Belize for yourself and we’re glad we did. There’s truly no place in the world like Sanctuary Belize. Their extraordinary location at the convergence of five diverse eco-systems allow them to offer five distinctive green-living experiences all in one innovative, environmentally sensitive and thoughtfully planned development. We found it truly amazing.

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We were amazed at the amount of work that has gone into the Sanctuary. We were shown all aspects of the development, including an organic farm, a sawmill, a marina, many new homes under construction and there’s a medical facility planned.

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At the end of the day we were glad we came to check  out Sanctuary Belize, and it opened our minds to many new possibilities by showing us that large-scale  developers can work together saving the precious ecosystems of Belize and provide an award-winning residential community. We’d like to thank Don for the exceptional tour and answering our thousands of questions.

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  1. chefbourque says:

    Nice place. Aieee!

  2. Love Sanctuary Belize! I’m looking forward to watching history repeat itself with Kanantik, the next development in line. Sanctuary has the marina, but Kanantik has golf!

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