Giving back! “The Power”

Posted: May 25, 2014 by Central America Overland Expeditions in Expedition/Travel

We at CAOE are always looking for an opportunity to give back. Trust us, not a one of us grew up with a silver spoon in our mouths, we’re not trust fund babies or inherited anything. We’re all graduates of hard knock university. Each of us have known hard work from any early age. Two of us had been evicted from our homes when we were kids and one of us was homeless at one point sleeping in a car. I am saying all this to point out that much of what we see when it comes to poverty, suffering, going without and being impoverished we’ve had more than our fair share of opportunity. However, after years of having had the opportunity to go to school, serve in the military, have great people and mentors around us that looked out for us and got us on a good path to success, we now want to share that same opportunity.  To encourage, mentor, guide and give other much less fortunate  an opportunity to step up . It’s our mantra. We feel, know and will do the right thing, it’s in our hearts.

Recently, we heard there was a family in need, we evaluated the situation, analysed  the need and decided this was something that we could do.  So with a resounding vote yes we sprang into action. Here’s the story:


We recently had a request for a small loan from a Mayan Family to get their electric back on. Clementita approached us and asked if there was anything we could do or if she could work ( house cleaning, cooking etc.) until she could pay off a small loan to turn their power back on. It has been off since November 2013 ( 6 months now). She asked if she could borrow $250.00 ($500.00 Belize). After further investigation we found out that their power was cut off because the old pole that the meter was attached to had become very unstable, was falling apart, and the power company demanded that if they wanted to continue to have service they would have to get a new metal pole, cemented into the ground with new breaker switches and more. Additionally this is your responsibility in Belize if you want power. Clementita and her husband Gregorio had a big problem now. How were two adults that barely make $500. USD a month with 5 kids at home going to come up with this enormous amount of money. So their power was cut off. One son in high school soon found out when he got home from school that he had no way to charge his laptop and to do his home work. Others around their dirt floored home would just grab a candle and survive with no lights night after night while they tried to save the money. Before they knew it, Christmas, New Years, Mother’s Day and many other holidays and events came and went with no power. Until we heard about their plight, it didn’t look like any power was going to be coming back on anytime soon either.

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Once we heard their heartbreaking story we took immediate action and so did many of you. We are happy to report that we raised the exact amount needed to purchase the materials. Gregorio has  poured the concrete, an electrician is on the way to get everything ready for Belize Electricity Limited, and they will have lights on this week.


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We were invited to their home on Sunday and spent a wonderful time having fresh hot Tamales and touring their home and grounds. They are a hard-working, fun-loving and kind family. They asked us to tell all of you all they say ” Thank You”

We would like to thank:

Tracy Lawson

Chuck Tolbert

Susan Clark

Meredith McKnight

Deanna Johnson

Carmen Eichhorn

We are happy, pleased and thankful to our faithful followers, past and future clients for your donations. You all made the difference. Thank you for helping us “Give Back”

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A special thanks to Tammy Barbour for spearheading the fund drive.

  1. johndupede says:

    It’s good to hear and see this!!!! Thanks.

  2. chefbourque says:

    Thanks for helping that family. Scott and the gang are very giving people and I know our Lord has a place in Heaven for giving people. I know Lee and Pat and everyone you know are proud of you. It doesn’t take much to make a poor family happy. I was raised in one. God Bless you guys.

  3. chefbourque says:

    Thanks Tammy and the gang. I have been knowing Scott’s family since he was a kid and I know Lee and Pat love it that he, Angie, Tammy, and Bernard are sharing with the good people of Belize. Our heart goes out to everyone who helps with this fund drive. God bless you guys.

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