On the road to Belize!

Posted: April 2, 2014 by Central America Overland Expeditions in Expedition/Travel


We made it to Mobile Alabama on our first leg of the Belize trip! 427 miles all together. It was a pretty uneventful day, but All adventures must be prepared for obstacles. We did not leave until after 11 am due to a phone call that involved the local police (another story, another time ). The pollen was coming on with a vengeance and the temperatures were heating up as we jumped on the highway. Somewhere about 230 miles from our start, I realized that I didn’t put a hitch pin in the hitch! We quickly stopped along side of the road and found the hitch still riding along without a pin. I was amazed and a little shook up thinking of what could have happened had it bounced through someone’s windshield. I put a pin in it and carried on. After that small incident it was clear sailing. Upon arriving at the shady acres campground in Mobile, we were recommended a local restaurant, Kim’s Palace. Had it not been recommended, we may not have stopped. It was a great meal though. We got set up and met a few camping neighbors who were interested on our roof top tents. It is always a good feeling when people driving $200,000 RV’s are intrigued by our little olé tents. A good night’s sleep tonight and then on to New Orleans La. In the am!

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  1. chefbourque says:

    Good to hear you guys are on the way. Aieee!

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