Guess who’s going to Mexico?

Well I knew our daughter Kristen was going to be out of school for summer college break, but little did she know she would be  spending her time at the Sea Turtle Conservation Camp, Grupo Ecológico de la Costa Verde, A.C ( ) for a couple of months. It all started when I quizzed her about what her plans would be for the summer break. Asking her kind of off the wall questions so we could secretly figure out a good time  for her to go. ” Hey what are doing this summer?” I’d ask. ” Just hanging around, maybe a little work and seeing my friends ” she’d reply. Once we had a good idea that she really didn’t have any solid plans to be doing something special, I popped the question and she excitedly replied with a resounding yes!

You see this is the same group that we  volunteered with last year when we traveled through Mexico. We were so impressed with the awesome job the staff and volunteer group were doing to save sea turtles, we jumped right in and helped out. I also knew at the this time that this would be something I would want to be involved in for the rest of my life, either myself personally or family and friends.

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It was pretty excited to see her get everything in order. Getting her ticket to Puerto Vallarta, dusting off the old passport, applying for the privilege to volunteer and finally leaving. Well we are happy to report that she has been in San Pancho for almost two weeks now and is enjoying her experience. We would like to thank San Pancho Turtles for making her reception wonderful and welcoming and allowing her this experience. Please follow along Kristen’s blog here : A summer spent in Mexico (

Good luck Kristen


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3 thoughts on “Guess who’s going to Mexico?

  1. You’ve got a beautiful daughter Bernard, and I hear you have a beautiful woman in your life also. Looks like your luck runs in pairs. Glad you guys are happy and enjoying life. We’re still cooking here. Aieeee!

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