“A three hour tour”

“Five passengers set sail that day for a three-hour tour. A three-hour tour. The weather started getting rough, the tiny ship was tossed. If not for the courage of the” …
Belize 2013 Expedition 403 I was trying to shake the theme song from Gilligan’s Island from my head, but it was not working. You see normally I’d like to kind of have a good idea of where we’re going, However in this case that was not happening. Things in Belize work like that. Lets just say you are planning to go to the local hardware store and get a bottle of silicon. Well low and behold on your way you meet up with a friend who happens to be going the same way. You strike up a conversation and find out that he is going to get some silicon to fix and seal his boat. Now somehow you all are both convinced that you have to work on this project together and it’s going to call for a test ride after you are done. Belize 2013 Expedition 414

Belize 2013 Expedition 406
So began a jungle river excursion. Enjoy and stay tuned as more adventures unfold here in magical, mystical Belize. You’ll be amazed at what we saw.Belize 2013 Expedition 413

Belize 2013 Expedition 415

Belize 2013 Expedition 425

Belize 2013 Expedition 428

Belize 2013 Expedition 429

Belize 2013 Expedition 430

Belize 2013 Expedition 438

Published by Central America Overland Expeditions

We have two Land Rover Discoverys and enjoy driving and exploring Central America via 4x4 overland. We're two husband and wife teams that call the road our home. come along and enjoy the journey the journey with us.

One thought on ““A three hour tour”

  1. Great pics! You guys sure know how to have fun. What did they do with the snails that live in those shells? Surely there must be a taco around that didn’t look familliar. LOL

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