Bowled over on the Peninsula !

Lets see, there is diving, fishing, snorkeling, jungle river excursions, caving, bowling……..” Bowling” I said in disbelief ? ” Pardon me ” I said to Scott. ” But did you just say bowling, you want to go bowling?” Yes he said affirmatively. For some reason it never dawned on me that in the entire country of Belize there could be a bowling alley. I mean the county is basically beaches, jungles and hundreds of islands out on the barrier reef. So how is it possible that there is a bowling alley here in this adventure paradise. Was he pulling my leg?
Belize 2013 Expedition 173

Belize 2013 Expedition 171

Belize 2013 Expedition 172
With the theme song of the US Air Force going off in my head ” Off we go into the wild blue yonder ” we get into the truck and head to the “bowling alley”. Not knowing what to expect, it was hard to relax on the drive down the one lane peninsula road of Placencia and expecting to see a real live USA type bowling center. Well to my surprise, there it was, and I had actually passed the place a few times driving up and down the peninsula and had not given much notice to sign. I mean really, who expects a bowling alley in adventure paradise. But here it was, a small nondescript brown elongated building that could have easily been dismissed as a warehouse or storage facility. But let me assure you, once walking inside it’s no doubt a wonderful bowling center with all the familiar sounds of the balls rolling down the lanes, the fun, the loud roars when someone makes a strike. And duh, there were signs and a bowling pin out front that says ” Jaguar Lanes ”



What a pleasant surprise to find it was actually league night and many expats were enjoying themselves in this great little 4 lane bowling center. As we pulled up our seats at the bar to order food, we were met by Bob who had many great stories to tell us about how he ended up here in Belize. One story I won’t forget is about the time Bob drove back from Belize to Florida hauling a boat. He got stopped in Louisiana by a state trooper , gave him his Belize drivers license and the cop wanted to write him a ticket so bad, but didn’t because he couldn’t believe he was hauling a boat all the way from Belize, through Mexico and over to Florida. I kinda shortened the story here, but to find out the real funny scoop, you gotta come here to Belize, do a little bowling in paradise and talk to Bob. Cheers!
You can learn more about the Jaguar Lanes here :


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