We decided to have Easter dinner in Cancun Mexico. the weather was beautiful, the temperature was right, and we were feeling especially thankful for the true meaning of Easter.

The plan was to purchase ADO bus tickets for a straight through drive from Cancun to Belize city, where we would meet up with Mckinley Pritchard, a new found friend who lives in Placencia Belize, a beautiful resort area located on a peninsula, bordered on one side by the Carribean sea, the other by an 18 mile long lagoon.

The problem with plans is sometimes, they do not work out as “planned”. The man at the counter said, “the only bus to Belize is full”. This was not good, Mckinley was driving to meet us in Belize city. We were told we could catch a bus to Chetumal, Mexico and cross into Belize on another bus line. With this being the only option, we went with it. This bus left two hours earlier and there would be a layover, so we missed dinner and hopped onboard, happy to still be heading in the right direction.



ADO buses are nice, rivaling any chartered bus line available in the states. An action movie played most of the trip, and it was entertaining just trying to read the lips of American actors, while their voices were dubbed in Spanish. The air conditioning was outstandingly cold! Angela, having read this warning online, brought light blankets to combat the artic air. At one point, she wrapped one around her head to deflect the icy blasts. In order to remain happily married, I chose not to share this photo on the blog. Take my word it was a sight! 5 hours later we arrived in Chetamul, chilled through and through, lack of sleep, and a little hungry.

With the time change, we learned we had 4 hours until the smaller bus would arrive. At 2:30 am, nothing was open, so we had officially missed Easter dinner, save the half sandwich wrapped in clear wrap from the little deli at the terminal. The “chicken bus”, turned out to not actually be a chicken bus. This was a smaller bus holding about 15-20 people. The driver was eclectic and amusing to watch as he interacted with the passengers. He often “grunted” and made painful noises, when he encountered heavy luggage, one of them being mine.

The bus ride was broken up only by the occasional close encounter with an oncoming bus headed the opposite direction. At one point, the driver pulled over for no appearant reason, without saying a word. 10 minutes later he emerged from behind a large dirt mound carrying his half full roll of toilet paper. Appearantly when nature calls…..

Finally, we arrived in Belize city, only to be dropped off at another location than the pre determined terminal. Without phone access, and it being the last day of the Easter holiday, none of the internet cafe’s were open, we hopped in a cab to the other side of town.

Pulling up to the terminal, we could not help but see Mckinley’s Land rover. He had recently had it outfitted with a roof rack, ladder, and butane conversion. Needless to say, it was the only one of its kind on the street. We went inside, found Mckinley and the adventure continued!

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We have two Land Rover Discoverys and enjoy driving and exploring Central America via 4x4 overland. We're two husband and wife teams that call the road our home. come along and enjoy the journey the journey with us.

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